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Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 09:00am–06:00pm
Sat-Sun 10:00am–05:00pm
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Join Our Team

Seeking team members to grow together. With collaboration, we can move forward faster.

While we prefer candidates with technical skills, experience is not a requirement. What we value most is a passion for learning new skills and a readiness to perform responsibilities with an open and accountable attitude.


We are particularly interested in individuals who seek more than just a means to sustain their livelihood. We welcome those who are eager to acquire skills and aspire to launch their own businesses. Our team looks for more than just task completion; we seek individuals with creative and innovative ideas on how to advance our business.


With us, you will experience both personal and business growth. The doors of opportunity are always open, and working with us can pave the way to a promising future. Join us in our passion and seize the opportunities for success together.

– FixStory Founder


Our Work

We must strive for the success of our business and continuously collaborate with teammates to achieve optimal results.

Customer Cunsultation

To effectively resolve customers’ issues, smooth and professional consultation is essential.

Device Repair

We need to identify the root cause of device issues and find precise solutions for resolution.

Inventory Management

Thorough inventory management is essential to ensure top-notch customer service and prevent any issues with repair services.


We sell communication-related devices and accessories.

Join FixStory for Great Benefits

At FixStory, we believe that our team deserves the best. We offer flexible working hours to ensure our team can balance their professional and personal life. Our team works in a collaborative and friendly work environment to encourage learning and growth. We provide our team with premium repair tools to ensure quality customer service and to help them improve their skills. Additionally, we have career growth programs in place to help our team members grow professionally. Working at FixStory is not just about a job; it’s about being part of a community that values each other and continuously strives to grow together.

benefit 1

You will have the opportunity to learn the following skills - Hardware repair techniques / Software troubleshooting / Tool usage / Diagnostic software application / Customer service skills / Continuous learning ability / Safety training / Business acumen

benefit 2

Once you have established a solid foundation in repair skills and have enhanced your communication and consultation abilities with customers to a certain level, you will receive incentives, salary increases, and additional benefits.

If you interested, Please Apply

Candidates must have a clean record regarding illegal drug use, criminal activity, and mental health issues. They should be free from physical ailments related to infectious diseases (excluding COVID-19), proficient in English with a bonus for Spanish proficiency. Additionally, they must possess a clean credit history and have legal eligibility to reside and work in the United States.

Please create and download a resume from the following link, and send it to

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