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Opening Hours
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General Questions

How long does it take to repair an iPhone screen?
iPhone screen replacement 10 ~ 20 mins
How long does it take to replace an iPad screen?
iPad screen replacement 1 ~ 2 hrs
How long does it take to replace an iPhone back glass?
iPhone Back glass Replacement 3 ~ 5 hrs
How long does the liquid damage service generally take?
Repair times for liquid-damaged products vary by model, typically requiring at least 1-2 hours for phones, 1-3 hours for tablets, and 1-5 hours for laptops, depending on the device's condition.
Should I back up my data before the repair, or will the data be preserved during the repair?
For simple part replacements like screen or battery changes, there's usually no need for a backup, and data typically remains intact. However, there's always a risk of data loss during repairs, and we cannot be held responsible for this. If you are concerned about your data, we recommend backing it up before bringing your device in for repair.
Is mail-in or on-site repair service available?
Please prioritize phone consultations for mail-in repairs. When sending your device, include a note in the box with your name, phone number, the issue, and any password required. On-site repairs are available after 6 PM. T 424-270-4369
Is it possible to get repairs done immediately without a reservation or phone inquiry?
You are welcome to visit during business hours without calling or making a reservation, but the person in charge might be temporarily away from their desk. It is advisable to call ahead before visiting. The phone number is 424-270-43690.
Do you need my device pass code?
Yes, we do. It is necessary. In order to perform a function test, the password is essential. If you choose not to provide the password and proceed with the repair, we cannot verify the proper operation of other functions beyond the repair itself. Consequently, no warranty can be provided for further repairs after the initial service.
Should I dry my device if it has been submerged in a liquid before sending it for repair?
If you attempt to dry a water-damaged device using a hairdryer or drying machine, it can lead to further corrosion. This can complicate the repair process. Instead, it is recommended that you take the device to a nearby repair shop as soon as possible, where professional cleaning and drying can be performed. This approach is the safest and most effective way to handle water damage.
I bought the parts myself and want to fix it. Can I bring them to you and just pay for the assembly service?
We can perform the repair using the parts you provide. However, we do not offer any warranty on parts you bring in. Also, since these are not the verified parts we typically use, we cannot be held responsible for any issues that might arise either during the repair or afterward. Essentially, we are not liable for any problems that may occur due to the use of these parts.
What types of devices do you repair?
We repair all kinds of phones and tablets. We also fix laptops, gaming consoles, drones, and various other electronic devices. To determine if a specific repair is possible, you should consult directly with the technician at our location.
What is the procedure for mail-in repairs?
To use our postal service, first consult with a representative at our location about the issue with your device. After the consultation, send your device in a postal box. Please include a note with your contact phone number, email, a brief description of the issue, and any passwords needed for testing. Upon receiving the package, our technician will contact you via phone and email to confirm receipt. You will be contacted again once the repair is completed.ou can pay via bank transfer or use our online payment system.
Do you need my SIM Card?
No, you do not need to send your SIM card; we have our own test SIM cards.

Liquid Damage Service

What should I do if my device falls into water or another liquid?
The best way to minimize damage to a device after water exposure is to turn off the power. When your device has been submerged, turning it back on or charging it can cause issues or exacerbate existing problems. It is advisable to visit a nearby repair shop as soon as possible to get it checked promptly.
How long does it take to repair a water-damaged product?
It depends on the extent of the damage. Some problems can be resolved on the same day, while more severe issues may take several days."

LCD & Glass Replacement Service

I dropped my phone, and although the screen did not crack, it no longer responds to touch. Can this screen issue be fixed?
The screen has sensors that react to finger touches, and if these sensors break due to impact, replacing the screen can usually restore the phone's functionality. Sometimes, however, a non-responsive touchscreen can also be due to a fault in the mainboard. In such cases, repairs are necessary.
The glass of the screen is not broken, but there are green lines appearing on it. Can this issue be fixed without replacing the entire screen?
his symptom typically indicates that the internal LCD or OLED components are damaged. Unfortunately, it is not possible to repair these components individually, and the entire screen must be replaced to resolve the issue.
The screen is completely black, but the phone still receives calls and vibrates. Can this be repaired?
When the internal backlight of the screen is damaged, no light is emitted, making the screen appear black. In such cases, replacing the screen itself can restore normal use. Occasionally, if there is an issue with the circuit that supplies power to the screen's backlight, this can also result in a black screen.
The display is working fine, but the glass screen is cracked. Is it possible to replace just the broken glass?
Replacing only the broken glass is not possible. The screen consists of the display part (LCD or OLED) and the glass part (digitizer) that detects touch, which are fused together into a single unit. Therefore, you cannot replace just the glass.

Ask a Questions

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